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When you visit ChicagoNewYorkLA✈, you will be able to find all of the latest trends in HipHop, HipHop news, and HipHop culture. While you may be able to visit Chicago, New York, or LA at any given point; you will never be able to visit all three at the same time. So we wanted to create a place for you where we could make that possible. Here at ChicagoNewYorkLA✈ we have created a place that is almost as different and unique as, but not limited to, their own original cities. We created this blog with a creative vision that we could help give artists a free medium in which to spread their music, while also keeping a fun and interactive atmosphere. So we welcome you to come back and visit whenever you want, or subscribe to our blog below and receive e-mails about all of our latest posts!

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All the material that we post on our blog is for the promotion of the artists only. So if you like a particular artists’ material we recommend that you please go and buy their work.



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